Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm pecking with one finger again because I had my third hand operation (no, two hands, 3 operations) yesterday. I am grateful because I have a loving wife who drove me to the hospital, waited with me, brought me home, is taking care of me and just bought a rust-colored mum for me, my favorite flower. Yesterday I received not only excellent care but also loving compassionate care.

Today I have been drifting along contentedly with hydrocodone-induced Morpheus and dreams. Meow's new blog has stirred me into one of my own-gratitude for our new DD relationship. It has been a gift to me to provide a safe place for Meow to voluntarily let go and explore those "dark,secret frightening places" and "bring them into the light". DD has given me the quiet but powerful masculinity and dominance she has to feel before she can let go, knowing she can trust me to love and protect her regardless of what may come up. I never use my masculinity and dominance to force her, rather that strength is a lifeline while she explores frightening places.

My new strength in masculinity has been an absolute seachange for me-finally, in my 60's,  knowing I am becoming the man I've always wanted to be.


Sara said...

Lash, that was really wonderful...and most especially: "I am becoming the man I've always wanted to be." That's a blessing indeed. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Janet said...


Beautifully worded. Sara said everything that I would have. Enjoy this discovery not only of yourself but of Meow as well. It is an incredible time as you discover your roles in this thing we do.

Thank you for giving us the POV from an HOH.


Hermione said...

I agree with Janet - I like to hear the spanker's point of view. And it was expressed so eloquently.

Get well soon!


Daisychain said...

A beautiful post, Lash!
Awww, I love you guys!
Heres praying you make a speedy and complete recovery, and can resume spanking soon!!!
God bless you both.
Hugs, xxxxxxx Daisy xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey There, beautifully expressed sentiments. Now, let's try not to overwork those fingers ok? I am wishing you a complete recovery.

Lash said...

Thank you all for your Get Well wishes. I am recovering well and will start Physical Therapy soon.

Yes Sara, this has been a blessing for Meow, myself, and "us".

Janet, I am viewing these 4.5 months off as a gift for us to develop our new relationship and intimacy.

Thanks Hermione-you always give me wonderful support. I do enjoy describing things from my viewpoint.

I always love to hear from you Daisy! Thanks.

Thanks CD; my operations have been so minor relative to what you are facing and yet you support me! Best of Luck with your health issues.

Love, Lash

Anonymous said...
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