Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magical Hike Today

Meow and I went hiking again this am. Weather was great-about 36 degrees (F) when we started. We only went 3.5 miles but had a lot more (steep) up and down today. It had snowed just enough to leave a light icing on the logs and ground. When the sun came out it warmed enough that it seemed to be raining from the snow melting off the trees. We could see the "rain" and mist rising off the ground while looking toward the sun-simply beautiful! We also saw several turkeys; when we stopped for a lakeside snack several ducks were crawling on our boots begging for a handout. A magical hike with my Meow.  Lash.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm feeling good. I just cuddled with Meow, spanked her beautiful naked ass and then we cuddled again. What a great way to start a day!

The bull elk are bugling, fighting their buddies of the past 9 months and creating harems of cows- the rut has started. There will be a lot of calves born next May and June.

Aspenglow is starting with hues of yellow and orange. I just love this time of the year in the mountains.

I loved Davey and Daisychain's blogs about word usage here in the US and across the pond and also the slaughter of the English language here in the US. For example the rampant change of adjectives into verbs. Our media is one of the worst culprits! I've asked some of my learned colleagues about their use of the language and I get this drivel about how we don't need rules to make things more difficult, we just need to get the message across. It's interesting that these same people are golf or tennis addicts. I've asked if we don't need rules to get in the way in our language why don't they just get rid of the net in tennis-much easier and you can still hit the ball back and forth. Of course I get the "how stupid can you be?" look. In their sports rules are all important.

Florida Dom continues his excellent posts noting the (poor, female) Muslims arrested by the religious police for drinking alcohol or wearing slacks who are to be beaten in public. I do not understand this fanatic ideology. (My tongue is bloody because I am restraining myself from discussing fanatic ideology here in the US). But I just realized that I often read blogs by (mainly) women who are begging to be treated as an absolute slave, including frequent beatings! And my reaction to these is very different from my reaction to the Muslim women. What schizophrenia! As to wanting to be a slave to what sometimes seems to a domineering jerk-I don't understand. I find refuge in my one and only quote by Jung:

"But things that lie hopelessly apart in theory lie close to each other without contradiction in the paradoxical soul of man...

Carl Gustav Jung
Freud and Psychoanalysis
Common Works, page 754.

I have stated how our relationship is based on mutual love, respect and honesty and we keep it simple. We read a lot of blogs, choose what we want and leave the rest. But I tend to agree with CD and Sara in the current ongoing war over "honesty and lying". Seeing as how it reminds me of the two hour 300 cannon duel preceding Pickett's charge on July 3, 1863 I am not going to get involved any further.

Love and Peace, Lash