Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August-Frustrating month: I had my right carpal tunnel decompression done on
Aug. 3rd and it went well. But I have been getting Physical Therapy (think pain) and daily exercises (think pain) on my left arm and hand for three weeks because the ulnar nerve is being very slow to heal after surgery. I was able to spank Meow with my left hand using the strap. She was a good sport about it but the spankings were not up to my standards. About 8 days after surgery I was able to start spanking with my right hand with the Cane-iac and the strap with much better spankings. But on the 14th a curb reached up and tripped my left foot and I fell onto chip/seal pavement. I got a hematoma in the incision in my right wrist, road rash and several cracked/bruised ribs. Again several days without spankings. The following Thursday/Friday we weren't able to get the help we thought we had for loading the U-Haul truck. In spite of Meow's yeoman's efforts moving the furniture aggravated my rib pain and three more days of not spanking. During these past two weeks we have also cleaned up and moved out of the condo where I used to work (I lost that job last June). Multiple leads for work starting in September has fallen through.

Finally we've had a couple of days with good spankings. I hope you have read Meow's post about our trip to see family. I have already mentioned our not eating out with my family and will be firm about it. We are both going to be strict with our diets. I will give Meow all my love and support, including daily spankings and punishment spankings as we will agree upon today.

Love to all, Lash

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am doing so well after my Left carpal tunnel release and ulnar nerve transposition that my surgeon released me to proceed with my Right Carpal Tunnel Release tomorrow morning. I'll only need local anesthetic and propofol sedation this time-and yes, propofol is safe with an anesthesiologist giving it. I will be back to pecking on the keyboard with one (left) finger (or however that goes-Hermione). I'll still try to keep up on comments. In a few days we'll see how I do spanking left-handed and how our new tawse works.

Big furry hugs to all. Lash